Scheduled Conservatory Maintenance Cleaning for Residential / Domestic customers

Welcome to the website of Scheduled Conservatory Maintenance Ltd., a specialist division of Impossible Access Cleaning Ltd., “Where conservatory cleaning has finally arrived”.

Conservatory Cleaning has finally arrived!

Is your conservatory covered with moss, mould and algae and your gutters blocked by leaves?

We clean conservatories inside and out, all year round and our prices are designed to make annual cleaning cost-effective, so that you will schedule us to come back each year. We avoid destructive pressure washers and use only specialist access equipment to carefully clean your conservatory from above; making sure it looks like new again and to prevent permanent discolouration, seal deterioration, or any other nasty surprises. Please call us for a quote and let us ensure your conservatory is always looking it’s best and your investment is protected for years to come.

Mention this website and have the “impossible access” windows above your conservatory cleaned for free!

Freephone 0808 CALL SCM (0808 2255 726) or 07813 205935 or email

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