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Calling All Homeowners

We are a cleaning company with a different way of doing things, we clean the things you haven’t got round to yet or simply can’t reach and we do it with the utmost respect to you and your property.

One of our specialities is the emptying and unblocking of gutters and downpipes to make sure that everything drains properly and also the cleaning of the associated soffits and fascias. These products are said to be maintenance free but in real life they get dirty or covered in cobwebs and often benefit from a bit of attention if they are to look clean and bright.

We also operate high-output petrol powered pressure washers for cleaning brick walls, driveways, paths and patios that can really get things clean again and get rid of slippery algae and moss. Particular care is taken to leave the surrounding areas clean and free from any splashes.

We clean windows and frames up to a height of 45 feet using the latest in super-filtered water technology. We filter this water ourselves, bring it to your house and our machine pumps it up hollow telescopic poles to brush heads that clean the windows without the need to ever leave the ground. With our poles we can reach the windows on third floor flats as well as over the top of conservatories and porches meaning practically every window is suddenly safely within reach.

The water has absolutely no lime-scale in it and the glass dries cleaner than a traditional window cleaner could probably ever get it and there will be no more ladder damage to your gutters, broken roof tiles or faces at your bedroom window to catch you in your jim-jams. We operate one-off or ad hoc cleans and also monthly scheduled appointments.

I strongly believe that whether you call us to clean your patio, your guttering and plastic, your windows or your conservatory, you will be more than satisfied with every aspect of the way we work and the way we operate. Repeat business and word-of-mouth is fundamental to the continued success of my companies and nothing would be done to jeopardise that.

We literally clean everything from gutters to airports, so why not call us for advice or a competitive quote on 0808 CALL IAC (0808 2255 422) or email

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